Non-Traditional Relationship Planning

The practice represents a number of individuals who are in same sex relationships, who cohabit or who have multiple partners in the form of polyamorous relationships. Recognizing the unique planning needs of clients in non-traditional relationships, Mark Neil is the author of two books: “Planning for Unmarried Couples” and “Unmarried Partners: Estate Planning and Property and Parental Rights” and is a co-author of a complementary book titled “Contemporary Relationships.”

Estate Planning for Same Sex and LGBTQ Couples

With the Supreme Court decision, followed by the enactment in many states of laws permitting marriage between same sex couples, planning has become less complicated for same sex couples. All families may still face unique issues, however, that benefit from careful, individualized estate planning.

Planning for Unmarried Couples

Couples who cohabit are often unaware of the implications that such relationships have regarding their property. With the exception of two or three states, virtually all states recognize the right of an unmarried cohabitant to maintain property rights in their former cohabitant's property when they break up even though the former cohabitant is the only one in title. All cohabitants should consider the creation of cohabitation agreements before deciding to cohabit. Courts that have considered cohabitation agreements have deemed them to be valid contracts.

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His long-term expertise in same-sex legal law and financial planning was evident as was the personal interest he took in us.”
– Charles N. and Christian M.

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