Practice Areas

Estate Planning

The practice provides estate planning for those with modest means as well as those with significant nine figure wealth. Young couples who are starting out and have minor children need to have planning done so that guardians are named in their wills s… Read More

Non-Traditional Relationship Planning

The practice represents a number of individuals who are in same sex relationships, who cohabit or who have multiple partners in the form of polyamorous relationships. Recognizing the unique planning needs of clients in non-traditional relationships,… Read More

Special Needs Planning

Given the number of individuals on the spectrum or under drug or alcohol control, special needs planning is more important than ever. Further, because it is now estimated that the average life expectancy for a person with special needs is age sixty (… Read More

Estate & Gift Tax Returns

The preparation of estate and gift tax returns is highly technical and detailed in nature. An initial decision must be made as to whether to use a date of death value or an alternate date six months after the date of death valuation. In either event,… Read More

Trust Administration

While the Grantor or creator of a revocable trust is alive and competent, he or she is responsible for the administration of the trust. With death or incapacity of the Grantor, the successor Trustee has the duty to administer the trust, which could g… Read More

Estate & Trust Litigation

The practice has engaged in a wide variety of trust and estate litigation on a variety of topics: Recovered six figures on behalf of a trust beneficiary when the trustee who was an equal beneficiary failed to account for certain trust assets Reformed… Read More

Probate Administration

An Executor or Administrator of an Estate is responsible for marshaling the decedent’s assets held in the name of the decedent at death. The Executor or Administrator is also responsible for filing a final income tax return for the decedent’s yea… Read More


It is an awful thing to contemplate one’s own death, but I wanted to be sure my two young adult daughters would have the right person to rely on.”
– Cindy L.

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